How do I Mine stone, Iron and gold?

Modified on Wed, 13 Apr 2022 at 03:41 PM

we currently have 3 different Pickaxes ⛏ that are used to mine stone iron and gold.

Each Pickaxe has a different resource requirements to craft, as you can see to craft the "Wooden Pickaxe" you need to have 2 wood and 1 SFL, Stone Pickaxe need 3 wood and 3 stone that will be obtained from mining stone ore with the "Wooden pickaxe"

after crafting the Wooden pickaxe now you have to find a stone ore to mine! , There are 3 Stone ores scattered around the map, Here is a location of one of them , Select the pickaxe from your items and make multiple clicks on the ore until you manage to mine it!

There are two more Iron rocks and one more gold rock around the map, Ill let you find them yourselves ? ⚒

Once again 1 tool will be used upon mining 1 ore

Each Stone rock will drop 2-4 Stone ores randomly and will go into 4 hours cooldown 

Each Iron  rock will drop 2-3 Iron ores randomly and will go into 12 hours cooldown 

Each Gold rock will drop 1-2 Gold ores randomly and will go into 24 hours cooldown  

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